Who we are




Hello, we are the youth group from Aschaffenburg. To be able to get to know us better, (almost) all of us did a short portrayal. We like to meet on Saturday afternoon after the service or later in the evening to have shared lunch as a youth group and to talk about Jesus and the Bible. We also like to have cosy barbecues and we visit events together; for example the “Generation”-services in Frankfurt.


(Unfortunately the protrayals on the English page never were completed except for one, which is a bit outdated meanwhile as well. We still hope for some improvement here in the near future. Stay tuned for updates.)







Christian is Stefan’s younger brother. He is a game for anything and most of the times he’s in high spirits. He has a high sense of justice (=> same as Irina!) and he often thinks he has to change the world. Otherwise he loves to listen to music where you can sing along, that makes you cheerful and that makes you forget your everyday life. His dream is to emigrate to America, Australia or New Zealand some time in the future, because the rainy german weather makes him depressive (poor Christian;-))