Who we are


First of and above all, we are Christians, who believe in God, just as he has manifested himself in the Old and New Testament of the Bible. 


We call ourselves Adventists, because we are convinced that Jesus Christ will return to this earth, visible for all, just as he has promised, when he left.


We form a church or community, because as Christians, we want to be together, support and rely on each other. This community is open for everybody, independent of his/her background, gender, age, nationality. A community, where everybody can experience the love and friendship of Jesus.
The Aschaffenburg Church
Feel free to click through all menus of this page. There is lots of information there for you to discover. We hope to give you a basic impression, but nothing can match personal experience. We invite you to pass by an worship with us, or just take part in special events. We would love to have you!
If you are intrerested, there is much more to learn about the Adventist Church worldwide, facts and figures, our history and  lots of other information.