Pathfinder-group "Spessartspechte"

("Spessart - woodpeckers")



The "Spessartspechte" offer a good opportunity for the younger kids to enjoy group-feeling. Supported by adults they learn and experience in a playful way to find pleasure in God's creation and also to respect and preserve it, not only in theory, but mainly in a very practical way.


The pathfinder-group is open to all children from age 6 - 15.







some plctures (German)



*) Explanation: The "Spessart" is a roughly square mountainous area confined in the West, South and East by the Main river. Aschaffenburg, situated in the North-West corner of that square is also called "the Gate to the Spessart". Human population in the Spessart is relatively light, but the Spessart mountains are widely covered by vast forests, where -among other animals- woodpeckers roam. It seems that the name "Spessart" is derived from "Spechts-Hardt", where "Specht" is the German word for woodpecker and "Hardt" a medieval German word for a mountain-forest



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