Church Service

We are happy to get to know God's love in various ways during church service. Be it by listening to his word (sermon), by exchange of personal experience, be it by talking about our faith or just by being together with others, who share the same beliefs.
Jesus gave proof of God's tremendous love by his life, his death and his resurrection. He is the central point of our faith. Therefore Church Service is meant to honour our Lord Jesus Christ. It is supposed to create a desire in us to follow his commission. It is held in a festive manner, accompanied by music and singing.
We are glad to have a bunch of children in our church. They are an important part of church-life and we try to let them feel this by integrating them. Thus we start Church service together and later seperate into various groups. In these groups our younger people experience a special service according to their age. They listen to bible-stories, do handycrafts, sing or discuss or even do little performances....

Church Service takes place each Saturday from 9:30 am till about 11:30 am
(Church Service is in German language - Interpreters may be available) 


Church Service


Attention: Due to the Corona-crisis and the imposed restrictions by the government, especially distance requirements, the maximum number of participants is limited. Prior registration would be appreciated. Corona-conduct applies.

Additionally the service is available online in a "Zoom meeting". The software client is freely available:

Meeting-ID: 277 941 2343  Password: available from: 


9.30 am - We praise God - singing and prayer


9.40  -  bible study
    We have several discussion groups, where we talk about biblical topics.
    From Juli to September 2020 we will discuss the topic "Making friends for God"

    Children and young people have their own age-appropriate groups.

10.30  -  Break

10.40  - Church News - Announcements for the local church

10.45  - We listen to God