Bus-lines  ....from Aschaffenburg main railway station

After leaving the station, turn right and look for platform "5". There you board either line 2 or 11, destination must be "Strietwald" resp. "Strietwald-Industrie".


Click here for a detailed map of the bus terminal (PDF-file provided by Stadtwerke Aschaffenburg)


Skizze des Bahhofsbereiches

Using Bus-line 2 you leave the bus at stop "Wilhelmstraße". Cross "Mühlstraße", on the opposite side, walk up "Wilhelmstraße", turn left into "Philippstraße" and after a long curve you enter "Steinrückenstraße".
Departure times of the busses at main railway station are always at xx14 and xx44 past the hour. Trip time with the bus to "Wilhelmstraße" is 10 minutes. Walking time about additional 3 min.

Busses within the city limits are free of charge on Saturdays (as of Dec. 2018). You will get a 0,-€ ticket, when entering the bus. Details here (German language)

The schedules below are out of date (just examples). You can get actual data any time from

Stadtwerke Aschaffenburg (German only)

Fahrplan Linie 2


Using line 11 you leave the bus at stop "Michaelstraße". Walk back a short distance, turn left into "Steinrückenstraße" walk down this street nearly to the end, where you will find our church on the right side.
This bus leaves the main railway station only once per hour, always  at xx59 min past the hour, trip-time 12 min., walking time ca. 3 min.

Fahrplan Linie 11


Note: "AB- Damm" on the timetable is short for "Aschaffenburg - Damm", which is the city-district, where our church is located.


You can also contact us and tell us, when you arrive at the railway station. If you let us know how to recognize you, we will try to pick you up.

Remark: Departure times are for "normal times" on Saturday. During office days, Sundays and early or late in the day, they may differ.

Detailed information, up-to-date network-maps and timetables are available from  Stadtwerke Aschaffenburg. (new window / tab - German only)