On this page you will find reports about events in connection with the Aschaffenburg SDA church. They are in chronological order, the latest reports on top, the oldest on the bottom.

If you are interested to read more, there may be additional reports in German language.


Wendy Engelmann in Concert


On Friday, Nov 23, 2007 Wendy Engelmann and her Band performed in our church.


Whoever missed this event, certainly missed a good opportunity to enjoy extremely good music. All songs were delivered excellently by the band. The audience was thrilled and listened in perfect silence to the beautiful voices of Wendy, Elena, Mira und Benny, accompanied by Damir and Wendy (Guitar), Ben (Djembe), Benny (Stage-Piano), und  Mira (transverse- and fipple-flute).


Although most ballads were sung in Wendy's mother tongue English, they could easily be followed by non-English speaking visitors, as most of them were composed by Wendy herself or her friend. She took the opportunity to explain their development and meaning and at the same time bore testimony for her deep and profound belief, which expresses itself in her songs. Additionally all song-texts were projected in German language to a screen above the stage.


All songs enthralled the audience and were presented in perfect harmony by the singers and band.


Whoever missed this performance has the opportunity to (at least partly) make up for it. A short time ago, the band was in a studio and recorded a CD, which is available at a price of 15 Euro.


pictures of the Concert 


CD "OneThing"